Check membership status

Richardson Heights Neighborhood Association memberships run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Here are some tips if you aren’t sure about the current status of your membership.


Sign in to PayPal. Click on the Settings icon next to the log out button. Look under Payment settings for Pre-approved payments.

If you have a pre-approved recurring payment for Richardson Heights, check that it’s correct and what date it is posting.

If you don’t have a recurring payment for RHNA, click on the Activity button at the top of your PayPal page. Pick a date range and look for your transactions. If you see one for Richardson Heights click on the link and check the date and status.


If you don’t see one for RHNA, you can send us an email to see if you paid with a different method. Remember, the membership is Jan. 1- Dec. 31 each year, so even if you paid through a different form the previous year, your membership for the current year would still be due if you haven’t paid.

Send email if you need help checking membership status.


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