Join the conversation

Join our Facebook conversation forum and chat neighbor-to-neighbor about topics just for our neighborhood. This is only for Richardson Heights residents who live within the borders of Lindale, Nottingham, James, Hyde Park and the south side of Beltline.

To join, start by sending a message to All you need to do is send us your name and a confirmation that you live in this neighborhood, like the street and block where you live.

The site is meant to provide a smaller discussion community, something akin to neighbors chatting in the front yard, or like a virtual front porch. We will include neighborhood association news and announcements. We also hope this smaller conversation group will filter out news outside of this community like reports of lost dogs or power outages in other parts of the city.

The rules are simple:

  1. No business advertising of any form.  If you have a business announcement use this email address to let us know. We will use our discretion to post to the forum if it makes sense. This is not negotiable.
  2. Do not be mean to each other. We are all neighbors and should treat each other with respect. Use the golden rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated. If someone gets under your skin, take a deep breath and a moment to cool off. If your mother or children or significant other would be taken aback by what you posted, then don’t do it.
  3. No whining. If you have a complaint, direct it to the right resource instead of bemoaning it in this forum. It’s OK to ask if other people have experienced an issue. It’s not OK to have a fit about it or drag other neighbors down online.
    1. City related complaints. Start here:
    2. Code violations, like tall grass and trash in yards:
    3. Light and power issues (power lines, street lights): Oncor
    4. Traffic safety and issues with illegal parking
    5. Cable, Internet, phone and other telecommunication issues: AT&T, Spectrum/Charter (aka Time Warner)
  4. Violation of the rules can lead to suspension or permanent expulsion from the forum. Sorry, but after dealing with a few bad apples in the past we’ve learned we have to have strict rules across the board. If someone is causing a problem, let us know or self-police the discussion in a civil manner.