Keep it safe

Keeping it safe

No neighborhood is immune from crime. Fortunately in Richardson the crime rate is  pretty low.

Keeping the crime rate low and your own property protected is as much your responsibility as the local police. Often, property crime is one of opportunity. Garage, car, gate, home doors left open are an invitation to criminals. It’s sad but true.

the good news is that many of the top methods of protecting your property cost little or nothing.

The RHNA set up this page to offer tips and links to crime prevention sources listing the top recommendations by local police departments.

Some top tips to prevent crime:

  • Lock it up and hide it.
  • Remove the ‘hidden’ house key – burglars know all the hiding places.
  • Use scary signs – security monitoring, attack dog.
  • Light up the outdoors; use motion sensor or timers.
  • Eliminate hiding spots by cutting back hedges or use of lighting.
  • Check windows.
  • Assess doors.
  • Replace weak locks.
  • Don’t advertise new purchases by throwing out boxes for big ticket items.
  • Know your neighbors.

You can find these tips and more on local police homepages.