Welcome to our new home page!

Welcome to Richardsonheights.org.

We just launched a new look and feel to our neighborhood home page.We hope you like it. Take some time to explore. We don’t have a lot of content yet, but that will change over the coming weeks.

This site is going to continue to provide you with basic community information – contacts, quick links to resources. But because we have moved to a content management system, you are going to get more detailed news about our community that you’re not going to get from our Facebook group or other news sources.


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  1. s punches says:

    Iam in need of help and would like to be considered for the Heights upcoming weekend “help your neighbor” weekend event. . .I own a home at (address redacted) in the Heights and am in need of someone to blow leaves out of my flower beds and to secure my washer so it will not “walk” across my kitchen. I have purchased all the tools and materials for this. . .just cannot do it due to severe arthritis and recent hospitalizations. . .thanks in advance. . .s punches . . .(phone number redacted)

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